3 Captivating Calls-to-Action to Drive Manufacturing Lead Generation

Manufacturing lead generation on your website starts with one thing—Calls-to-action. Calls-to-action (CTAs) are essentially a graphic or button with a compelling offer to make people want to provide their contact information in exchange for something of value to them Long gone are the days of the old outdated three-page  Contact Us form. CTAs are a great way to influence your prospects to take a specific action, ultimately, allowing you to track their behavior on your website. Below are the top 3 CTAs to drive manufacturing website lead conversion.

  1. Free eBook or White Paper on Notable Industry Topic

Many visitors on your website may not be ready to   download product information or request a quote. Rather, they may be only doing some background research. Just because they are early in the buying process doesn’t mean they aren’t still valuable prospects. It is important to give prospects greater understanding of your company, what solutions you offer as you start to build trust. Trust must be earned and even the smallest of interactions is a start down that path. Target these customers by using a call-to-action to “Download a Free eBook on Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing” or a white paper on “Resistance Welding Exotic Metals,” offering prospects the information they’re seeking.
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  1. Download Our Product Catalog

For prospects who aren’t ready for a quote, create a CTA for prospects to download your product catalog. So many times, I see manufacturers have a product catalog on their website and are giving it away without tracking who is viewing it. By creating a CTA to download your catalog, which takes the prospect to a coordinating landing page with an embedded form to capture his or her information, you can gauge who is interested in your products. And, if you have an inbound marketing platform, you can track their behavior an interaction on your website and social media channels. For more on the power of inbound marketing, check out these resources Inbound Marketing Services and The Industrial Manufacturer’s Guide to Inbound Marketing.

  1. Request a Free Consultation, Quote, Sample or Demo

There should be CTAs on your website that cater to each stage of the buying process- awareness, consideration and decision. The free eBook/white paper and product catalog CTAs cater to prospects in the awareness and consideration stages of the buying processRequest Your Free Inbound Marketing Assessments. The free consultation, quote, sample or demo CTA is a great way to create an offer that aids your prospects in the decision stage and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and get your sales people or your products in front of your prospects. Interested in learning more about how to incorporate CTAs into your inbound marketing strategy? Request your free inbound marketing consultation!


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