Commercial Asset Preservation

How one company was able to maximize its trade show investment


Commercial Asset Preservation, LLC. (CAP), a nationwide provider of general maintenance, preservation, and inspection services for abandoned and vacant commercial real estate. As many of Felber PR & Marketing’s clients are returning to trade shows, they continue to ask themselves how they can better maximize their investment. Business sponsorship opportunities such as reception and badge sponsorship can be a good investment, but there’s something else that can do so much more. Our clients are discovering social media and are asking for help in using it to promote their attendance at trade shows. In recent years, trade shows have begun to embrace the social media experience, allowing their attendees and exhibitors the chance to virtually interact with each other. Commercial Asset Preservation, LLC. (CAP), a nationwide provider of general maintenance, preservation, and inspection services for abandoned and vacant commercial real estate, has opened its doors to social media and made connections with potential as well as new clients it had never encountered before. The establishment of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has certainly made communication with CAP’s target audience much easier. CAP recognized the necessity for social media to help expand its visibility in the industry and emphasize the importance of protecting abandoned and vacant commercial real estate properties. With no prior experience in social media, president Marc Insul asked for our help to communicate with his existing online audience and conference attendees while he exhibited at 2013 Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Conference in Orlando, FL.


Felber PR & Marketing determined that these four social media activities made CAP’s transition into the show’s social media experience easy and adaptive. These activities were beneficial to CAP in achieving its goal of expanding its visibility and potentially gaining more visitors at the event. Social media quickly leveled the playing field for CAP against bigger exhibitors.

  • Prescheduled a diverse set of tweets for various times using the exhibit’s hashtag (#), which is a tool that marks keywords or specific topics in a tweet
  • Submitted live information about conference activities, including photographs from the tradeshow floor
  • Followed attendees’ and exhibitors’ social media pages to build CAP’s list of followers/subscribers.
  • Retweeting (reposting) and responding back to attendees’ and exhibitors’ tweets



Felber PR & Marketing’s social media activities for CAP at the RFMA event gave them a great start to their social media experience. Each post was tailored to what the attendees/exhibitors wanted to see and hear. Even with only 140 characters to work with on Twitter, the company’s key messages about the importance of protecting and preserving facilities and their quality performance services were still clearly defined. One of the posts included Marc smiling and tightly holding onto a live alligator noting, “CAP wrestles more than just vacant/abandoned property.” As a result of CAP’s social media efforts at the event, CAP gained several new industry followers, and many of them really appreciated the retweets. Exhibitors made the effort to meet personally with Marc at the event, and nearly 50 percent of CAP’s website page visits during the event were new visits. Although it is difficult to measure ROI from social media, it is clear that it did impact the company by creating new relationships with the RFMA attendees and exhibitors, gaining new followers online and making a connection through simple retweets. One month later, at their next tradeshow, the activity around social media was 10 times greater than CAP’s first experience. Felber PR & Marketing monitored the activity hourly and further stepped-up our response on CAP’s behalf. Now, social media is part of every tradeshow plan for CAP. Follow CAP @Bldg_Maint. – See more at: