Makuta Technics

Utilizing Voice of Customer to Develop An In-Depth Marketing Strategy


Makuta Technics, a leader in the micro-molding industry  wanted to further develop its business presence both nationally and overseas. Makuta wanted to find opportunities to tell its story and increase its name recognition within the medical device, electronic, and pharmaceutical industries.


Felber PR & Marketing conducted a Voice of Customer (VOC) survey to better assess Makuta’s public relations and search engine optimization (SEO). One of the goals of the survey was to further identify Makuta’s target audience. The VOC survey allowed us to better understand whom Makuta’s customers were and define its target media outlets. We spoke to purchasing managers and product engineers from Makuta’s key customers. We asked questions such as “How do you get your industry news and what publications are most reputable?”, “Why did you choose to partner with Makuta?”, and “What’s different about Makuta from other vendors you use?” We also defined Makuta’s rank on personalized services, logistics and overall performance to better understand how its customers perceive them and what areas they needed to improve on.


Speaking directly with Makuta’s customers allowed us to get a better understanding of its target audience, what markets they serve, and how Makuta can better deliver and anticipate their needs. Prior to the VOC survey, company president Stu Kaplan opposed marketing in certain trade publications because he believed his customers did not read them. However, we discovered that that was not the case. One purchasing manager actually had an entire wall of her office lined with issue after issue of trade publications used for research.

“I was surprised to find that most of Makuta’s customers actually do read these publications,” Kaplan said. “The VOC survey gave us a foundation to begin our company’s marketing efforts.”

With the information we gathered from the VOC survey, we were able to create a marketing and publicity strategy for Makuta to target those trade media outlets. Before 100% of any budget is applied to a task, it makes sense to spend 5% on research so that the other 95% of budget is targeted, measurable and spent wisely.

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