French Manufacturing Company SOPREMA Increases Brand Awareness US Through Public Relations Campaign


A few years ago, SOPREMA’s public presence in the United States was non-existent amongst the trade media. While the French roofing and waterproofing manufacturer started manufacturing in the US in the early 1990’s, the trade magazines had heard very little from SOPREMA. Sales were good; however there was plenty of room for improvement and increased notoriety. The manufacturer needed help promoting their products but didn’t know where to begin.


SOPREMA had three target audiences: roofing contractors, building owners and architects. While the purchaser was the roofer/installer – there were other influencers such as architects, consultants and specifiers in addition to the building owners. All constituents were becoming increasingly aware of what products actually went into their new construction or remodeling.


Felber & Felber Marketing’s solution started with public relations. We introduced the trade media to the experts at SOPREMA. Press conferences were held at the International Roofing trade conferences. Countless case studies were also created and pitched to industry publications.


During our 4 years working with SOPREMA, the company appeared in over 55 stories within industry-respected roofing and waterproofing publications.