>Word of the Day

>Word of the Day: Captcha

Definition of captcha: a type of challenge-response test used in computing to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer.

(Definition for Dummies: The computer generated boxes that you have to enter in the ID before submitting!)

>Tough decisions: when to say enough is enough

>I remember when I was in 6th grade, went on a bike ride around my neighborhood and caught two boy friends of mine smoking. They warned me not to say anything, and I didn’t… and it really didn’t matter.

In my past life as a manager, I caught two of my work friends leaving mid-shift to go outside and have a cigarette. (Our company had a VERY strict policy on this.) They warned me not to say anything, but I did – and this time it did matter.

Why was it different?

They were each similar in that both times people were caught doing something they knew they weren’t supposed to be doing. Either situation did not hurt me in any way, so why did I care the second time? I was in a position of authority, and I had to set an example.

Unfortunately, I was the new manager and expected this to happen. If people knew I didn’t hesitate to rat out those I was friends with, they knew I wouldn’t think twice about doing it to anyone else.

We’ve all been there: your boss is out of town, it’s casual Friday or on the brink of a long holiday weekend and you just can’t help but to push the limits of the person in charge. The “substitute teacher” attitude, if you will.

As a new manager, when do you say enough is enough – and how do you say it?

Here is my advice:

1. Stand your ground. Even if you were just promoted, you have to be tough and no when people cross the line.

2. Set your limits. Unless you have zero time to prep for your new position, consider how far you will let things go before you step in.

3. Have a disaster plan. Know your approach and reaction techniques based on the situation. Perhaps make up an action plan based on already witnessed employee behavior.

4. Know your staff. Have an honest conversation with the person whose position you are overtaking. Encourage them to tell you about any potential problems that may arise.

5. Be confident. You are in that position for a reason, even you should respect that.


>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Aided recall

Definition of aided recall: A research method that is frequently used in determining what consumers remember about a specific advertisement they have seen or heard.

>Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day: Linkrot

Definition of linkrot: A website previously accessible at a designated URL that is no longer reachable at that same URL due to a movement or deletion of the page.

In reference to my previous “Word of the Day” blog on a monopoly.

>The BLACKOUT – Will the Power Go Out Again?


Ah, the anniversary of the big blackout that started only a few cities away from Twinsburg and brought down the power in seven states and parts of Canada.

So all morning the news reported that many measures are in place so this doesn’t happen again. Well it may not happen in seven states again but in Beachwood, Ohio, there’s a report of no power near Cedar Rd. Plus, the lights flickered in Warrensville, Hts at 9:58am. Hmm, let’s hope First Energy won’t have to go into another round of crisis communications.

Share your stories from the 2003 Blackout.

~ Michelle

>A Coke, M&M’s… or an iPod?

>On the way out of Summit Mall last night, something a bit different caught my eye. Just inside Macy’s entrance from the mall was an iPod vending machine.

A what??

Macy’s department stores have installed these iPod vending machines inside 400 of their stores across the nation. The 28-square foot machines will allow you to swipe your credit card and then, just as a vending machine would, drop your item into a door where you can take your chosen item.

Surely I don’t go to the mall enough to know the exact day (or three-week span for that matter) this was installed, but it is fairly recent as there were a number of curious onlookers checking it out as well.

Taking the idea from Europe and Asia, ZoomSystems has parnered themselves with: Apple, Sony, Proactiv, Rosetta Stone, Belkin, Samsung and MyVu.

Want to see what ZoomShops are near you? Click here.

Hold on, there’s more. Next on the list is Best Buy according to recent news. Located primarily in airports, these vending machines will offer memory cards, travel adapters, headphones, gaming devices, digital cameras, cell phones, chargers and even various computer accessories. This just eliminated making extra stops on your way home for the holidays.

And to think, this is just in time for the Holiday season! Hmm, do you think that was planned?




Here it is – our 100th blog posting!

A special thanks to you, our readers, for encouraging us with your daily visits and support.

We wouldn’t be here without you!


>Word of the Day – and then some!

>Again, with the Olympics theme, today’s word of the day is: Monopoly

Definition of Monopoly: Having exclusive control over a commodity or service in a specific market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.

In the particular case I am going to site as an example, it isn’t *quite* the first definition of a monopoly, but rather it includes another definition of the word “something that is exclusively possessed or controlled.” Now that I have probably completely confused you, let me explain my Monday morning.

* * *

“Did you see that race?” Bruce asked me when I got in to work that morning.

Slightly confused and still having a case of the Mondays I responded, “Did I see what?”

“The relay race!” He exclaimed, “it was incredible!”

I paused for a moment and thought about the race that I did see the night before… I knew we won, but it wasn’t anything dramtic. Certainly not exciting enough for anyone to be overly excited about.

I chucked it up to Bruce having a good weekend and as a result him not getting enough sleep the night before. Then I realized I actually had missed the second men’s relay race the night before because I had gone to bed.

“Did you watch the race last night?” my friend Sara asked me that evening.

“No. What is it about this race?” I responded.

“You just have to see it! Here, I’ll send you the link to the video on YouTube.” And so she did.

The link was to the men’s 4 X 100 relay race on Sunday night. This much hyped race came only hours after the favored French team declared, “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for.” The American’s response? “You know what? We’re going to let our swimming do the talking.”

And they did just that.

What else is there to say about the race other than, YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT! Yes, it was that incredible.

I went to show someone later that night when the link was out of order on YouTube. Hmm, that’s interesting.

It turns out that NBC has very strict guidelines with their footage of the Olympics. Starting that evening, NBC found every video of this “amazing race” online and had the user/website take it down… even Sportscenter wasn’t allowed to show the race!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, only NBC is allowed to show their footage.

I call THAT a monopoly.

For those of you who missed out, please click here to be linked to NBC’s footage of this “amazing race.”


>One of the better commercials out there

>After the popularity of its debut at the Super Bowl, Budweiser has brought back its Rocky-themed commercial for this summer’s Olympic games.

Visit Budweiser’s site, click on the commercials tab and be prepared for entertainment.

>Word of the Day

>In keeping with the Olympic spirit, today’s word of the day is: Reach

Definition of Reach: The approximate number of people (or households) exposed to a particular advertising media or media schedule during a specified time.

…for instance, the USA-China game had more viewers than any other basketball game in history. Any guesses on how many people that would be??

184 million people according to TNS research. WOW.