>Finally a Sign.


Logos. What are they and why are they so important? The dictionary describes it this way. “Logo – also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition”.

For those of us in marketing we know and understand the importance of the visual message a logo or typeface can evoke. Yet so many people put little thought into their design and use. Signs in ancient times were symbols of services and goods as many were not able to read or write. Today your image is everything and can cause a decision or mindset before the sales process even starts.

It is with this in mind we always encourage our clients to think about the feel, emotion and message points that their logo and brand will transmit to their publics.

Yesterday we were thrilled when our sign was added to our new location. Now people can find us easier and it is a reminder of our branding that will encourage the connection to our company.

So here is a question – What does our logo stand for? Send in your comments and I will share in my next posting.


>Drink from a drop

>I have to thank my brother for this blog idea, as he can always be counted on for finding me out of the ordinary blog items.

This new carafe is designed to resemble a water drop, “frozen in time.” The tip of the drop is removed to become the drinking cup.

Is this a useful, unique item – or is the wacky item market getting carried away?


>A social networking warning

For those of you who aren’t up with social networking news, here is a story about having a night out, signing on to a social networking site and writing to your friends. The problem with this, however, is posting things that could wind up getting you into legal trouble once you sober up.

Click here to MSN’s article, Don’t drink and drive, then post on Facebook.

>Word of the day

>The word of the day is: Demographic segmentation

Definition of demographic segmentation – Dividing consumers into groups based on selected demographics, so that different groups can be treated differently.

For example, two advertisements might be developed, one for adults and one for college students, because the two seperate groups will be attracted to different types of advertising appeal.


>An exciting day for Cleveland

Can you feel it? Football season is almost here! In fact, t
he first day of Cleveland Browns training camp started today. This always makes me excited – but, today was extra special.

I was ecstatic to read this MSN article written by Peter Schrager, an expert contributor to FOXSports.com on the latest edition of the NFL Power Rankings. Why you ask?

“Everyone’s going ga-ga over Cleveland this summer, and with good reason,” is the quote about the Cleveland Browns which are picked number 8 OVERALL.

Number 8? Number 8?! We haven’t been picked that high since the days of the Kardiac Kids or Bernie Kosar!

What in the world does this have to do with business, Katy? Easy.

Because of this ranking, people will become more anxious about the Browns football, so they will travel to Berea to watch the training camp (and spend money on gas). Also, they will need to wear Browns apparel to watch them at training camp, so they will visit their local store to buy wearing apparel (and spend more money). Then, these Browns fans will be so hyped up that they will go to a game (and spend money on tickets, food and beverages – hey, it is Cleveland!)

Maybe some people can’t quite get it together to go to the game, so what do they do? Go to the local sports bar with your buddies (and spend money on food and beverages).

Perhaps some will even attend a Cleveland Browns party. Drinks, food, dog bones made in to necklaces – we’ve all attended one of these fiestas. (Actually, we’ve probably all thrown one of these parties!)

All-in-all, a good team brings in money for the city – New York, anyone? I look forward to football season for many, many reasons. No one can deny that even Pittsburgh Steelers fans enjoy being in Cleveland during football season.

Oh, speaking of THAT team – they were ranked number 9. 🙂


>Constituent – Rob’s word of the day

>One of my favorite and most memorable way to drive home the point of knowing all the various people who may be interested in your company’s news is to use the word: Constituents.

I reference all the folks that need to know what your company is doing and have a desire to hear about newsworthy events.

“Consider all the constituents for your news; prospects, customers, employees, shareholders, investors, media, government, community members, etc.”

Tell me what other constituents you feel need to know your company news.

– Rob Felber

>Word of the day

>In an effort to broaded my horizons, I am starting a word of the day section for the blog.

The word of the day is: Positioning

Definition of positioning – Defining, within the minds of a specific market, a brand (corporate, product, or service) relative to the competition.


>"(Blank) the Roo"


Let me paint the picture for you: It was a snowy day in late 2005 and I was driving around the University of Akron on Route 8 by Buchtel Avenue. I looked up and saw The University of Akron’s newest marketing campaign: an angry faced Zippy with the words, “Fear the Roo!”

I couldn’t help it, I burst into laughter. This was one of the funniest things I had seen in a very long time, considering Zippy is usually displayed with a smile. I immediately called everyone who would find this as entertaining as I did… then I realized, that’s a REALLY catchy marketing campaign.

Why the change? Suddenly The University of Akron’s athletics exploded in the Mid-American Conference. The women’s cross-country team, the men’s soccer team and the football team all won Mid-American Conference titles. The soccer team even earned a national ranking while the football team went to the Motor City Bowl.

Recently I was driving around The University of Akron I noticed something, again. (You know, where you see something but then it really doesn’t sink in until you see it again?) This time it was Akron’s “Rock the Roo” campaign featuring Zippy in sunglasses adorning EJ Thomas Hall.

This advertisement is set to showcase Akron’s array of concerts, performances and other art events. This perked my interest in just how many “(Blank) the Roo” campaigns were going on with The University of Akron. In doing very minor research I noticed they have a “Boo at the Roo” event centered around a Halloween concert.

And just recently, they have added “Do it Now for the enviROOment,” a way to encourage college students to become involved with Earth Day celebrations.

Hmm. That is pushing the whole Roo campaign just a little in my opinion. I am in favor of Zippy going green, but don’t you think even she would be a little tired of being slogan-ized. Here is my thought pattern on the Roo campaigns:

Fear the Roo: Hysterical
Rock the Roo: Cute. A little cheesey, but cute.
Boo at the Roo: A little childish.
Do it Now for the enviROOment: Pushing the limit.

Have any of you seen the billboards or apparel? (Certainly if you know me you have seen my “Fear the Roo” hooded sweatshirt!) What are your thoughts on this marketing campaign… and mostly, is enough enough already?


>Big Brands – Where are they going?


I am reading the morning paper and thinking about our economy and the recent failures of our banks and the increase mergers of major companies and it reminded me of a book I read many years ago. The book is Big Brands Big Trouble, by Jack Trout. This is a great snapshot into some of our most beloved brands that we assume will always be here. Jack brings to our attention the mistakes companies make while they are building their brand and how the competition needs to differentiate their products and services. He highlights companies such as General Motors, AT&T, Burger King and more. While this book may be dated a bit the trends and problems still exist.

When marketing in a soft economy brand building and positioning are crucial for continued success and growth. Reputation and image influence all of our buying decisions and our perception of the brand. Now more than ever we must pay special attention to all we say, do and react to the economic conditions. Position now and reap the benefits in the future. Be careful of your visual image and your attitudes as consumers are always looking for stability and security in the products and services they engage in. Read Jack Trout’s book and it may change your view of life in our big brand world.


>Officer down, the worst possible phrase that can be spoken across a police band

>Officer down, the worst possible phrase that can be spoken across a police band

As those of us in Twinsburg, Ohio try to heal, we know that we will never make sense of the tragedy that took a young officer, husband and father in the early hours of July 13, 2008. And, as the family and community try to cope, the war of words between the lawyers has begun. It is marketing and public relation through the media. Joshua Miktarian is not even buried and the lines have been drawn. Patrolman Miktarian deserves better. His family and fellow officers deserve better.

Yes, we have to trust the system. But, in the end, the system cannot give baby Thea her dad back. A dad she will never know except for photos, memorials and plaques. We will and must grow and heal as a community. Now, like in September 2001 we need to show our strength.

Plain Dealer editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy captured the anguish of a community as well as Miktarian’s canine partner in this cartoon http://www.cleveland.com/darcy/index.ssf?/darcy/more/071508.html

Pray for the family and those that serve.