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>A social networking warning

>For those of you who aren’t up with social networking news, here is a story about having a night out, signing on to a social networking site and writing to your friends. The problem with this, however, is posting things that could wind up getting you into legal trouble once you sober up. Click here […]

>Word of the day

>The word of the day is: Demographic segmentation Definition of demographic segmentation – Dividing consumers into groups based on selected demographics, so that different groups can be treated differently. For example, two advertisements might be developed, one for adults and one for college students, because the two seperate groups will be attracted to different types […]

>An exciting day for Cleveland

>Can you feel it? Football season is almost here! In fact, the first day of Cleveland Browns training camp started today. This always makes me excited – but, today was extra special. I was ecstatic to read this MSN article written by Peter Schrager, an expert contributor to FOXSports.com on the latest edition of the […]

>Constituent – Rob’s word of the day

>One of my favorite and most memorable way to drive home the point of knowing all the various people who may be interested in your company’s news is to use the word: Constituents. I reference all the folks that need to know what your company is doing and have a desire to hear about newsworthy […]

>Word of the day

>In an effort to broaded my horizons, I am starting a word of the day section for the blog. The word of the day is: Positioning Definition of positioning – Defining, within the minds of a specific market, a brand (corporate, product, or service) relative to the competition. -Katy

>"(Blank) the Roo"

> Let me paint the picture for you: It was a snowy day in late 2005 and I was driving around the University of Akron on Route 8 by Buchtel Avenue. I looked up and saw The University of Akron’s newest marketing campaign: an angry faced Zippy with the words, “Fear the Roo!” I couldn’t […]

>Big Brands – Where are they going?

> I am reading the morning paper and thinking about our economy and the recent failures of our banks and the increase mergers of major companies and it reminded me of a book I read many years ago. The book is Big Brands Big Trouble, by Jack Trout. This is a great snapshot into some […]

>Loyalty was bought

> If you haven’t already read my previous blog on fan loyalty for sale, please click here to catch up. Today marks the second full day of Alex Chatfield being a full-blown fan of a team other than the Cleveland Indians. He has written a blog about his experience in placing his loyalty up for […]

>Meet Dave Tanks

>Recently, Katy wrote about her frightening experience with Meet Dave. You can read about it here. So remember that old saying… advertising just kills a bad product faster? Read about how the movie tanked in its first weekend! All that marketing for nothing. ~Michelle