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The 5 Biggest Inbound Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make

Inbound marketing is one of the most buzzed about topics among manufacturers, especially in Northeast Ohio. Many manufacturing companies have implemented successful inbound marketing strategies, which are bringing them more qualified leads and giving them better insight into their prospects and customers. However, for as many manufacturers that have successfully implemented inbound, there are just […]


Why are manufacturing sales managers so teed off?

Are manufacturing sales managers naturally angry? Is there something about their role managing salespeople that has them really ticked off? Of course not, unless your boss is Lumbergh from Office Space and your sales people have not turned in their TPS reports. We all know how much sales people love doing reports. Whether it be […]


5 Tips for Manufacturers to Network Like a Pro

Networking is necessary for growing your personal and professional brand. Networking is a technique and competency that needs to be honed and crafted in order to be effective. Although it seems “easy” to many, the most successful business people have strategy behind their networking process. Recently my boss (Rob Felber) did a presentation on “Networking […]


The Evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The new year is right around the corner and with that comes reflection. What did you accomplish? Where you can improve? I decided to be nostalgic and take a look back at our blog since its inception in 2008 and compare it to our blogs in 2015 to see how our blogging has changed (and […]


Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

How to make networking fun and worthwhile December is the time of year for holiday parties galore- and with that comes opportunities for networking. Love it or hate it, these events provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with colleagues and make new professional contacts. Attendees may be there to network, are attending because of a […]


Dig Deeper: Customize Your Social Media Scheduling

Customizing Your Social Media Scheduling to Capture a Wide Audience Social media effectiveness is based on three factors: relevant and engaging content, industry related hashtags, and time of day. If you’ve read our blogs on how to incorporate hashtags into posts or our 8 question checklist before posting on social media, you should have  a good […]


Trade Show Preparation 101 for Manufacturers

How planning produces results and return on investment Trade shows and industry conferences provide manufacturers with a platform to show prospects, customers, and industry media their entire line of products and services n a short amount of time. It is important as manufacturers to utilize this opportunity and use it to their advantage. Preparation, like […]


Hashtag 101 for B2B Manufacturers

    Using #’s for Ultimate Business Exposure In our last two blogs we focused on using social media to create sales and our 8 step checklist to consider before posting to social media. In this blog, we’re going to focus on a very important topic of social media marketing: #hashtags. If you aren’t using […]


8 Questions to Consider Before Posting on Social Media

Before you hit the send button to post a status or send a tweet, are you sure your message is sound? It is easy to mindlessly send something on social media without thinking twice. All the dashboards and apps make posting simple, sometimes ‘too’ simple. Posting content or sharing on social media without consideration of […]