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Reaching 4,000 Connections on LinkedIn– What I’ve Learned

A retrospective on the past 10 years. I recently hit a LinkedIn milestone: my 4,000th connection!  I am thinking a lot about the tool, what’s changed and how my connections have influenced my business. I joined the platform in 2008. Remember those days? We went to LinkedIn-theme networking events, usually sponsored by a self-proclaimed guru, […]


Hack that Eliminates the Need for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn shook up the business world in January 2017 when the platform made major changes to its interface. If you read our blog Big Changes Coming to Your LinkedIn back in January, you’ll see the many changes that occurred, the biggest being limiting search capabilities. Prior to the interface change, LinkedIn users could easily advance […]


Big Changes Coming to Your LinkedIn

If you haven’t heard yet, LinkedIn is making some big changes that may affect how you use the platform. The now Microsoft-owned business social networking platform is redesigning with the intention of making the desktop version look more like the recently updated LinkedIn app. LinkedIn has already started roll-out of the updated platform and I […]


How to Increase Social Selling with LinkedIn

How to impact manufacturing sales and be ‘sticky’ with LinkedIn contacts Why do you use LinkedIn? Are you trying to find new manufacturing sales prospects, trying to keep tabs on your customers or were you just told it’s the place to be for business professionals? Our manufacturing clients ask us all the time about how […]


Leveraging LinkedIn: Hosted by: Factur, the Manufacturing Referrals Network

The Felber PR & Marketing team, is offering an invaluable LinkedIn training session on December 14th from 10 am-12 pm at Indiana Wesleyan University in Independence, Ohio. During this interactive workshop, we’ll share how we leverage LinkedIn to build brand awareness and connections for our manufacturing clients. The program will go as follows: Top Tips for a Stellar […]


>Denied, by LinkedIn

> Denied, almost So, you are now on LinkedIn and Facebook. Going a little wild with connections? I did too, until recently. LinkedIn informed me, somewhat politely, that I had gone overboard. See, some people told LinkedIn that they did not know me. (Yes, I guess there are a few folks still left). Apparently, these […]


Utilizing Google Reviews for Manufacturers

Madilyn Movsesian – Marketing Intern What are Google reviews and is your company taking advantage of them? Google reviews are a way for companies to impact credibility and increase their reputation amongst website visitors. According to an article by Craig Bloem for, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, making […]


Endless Job Opportunities with Manufacturers in the U.S.

“Help Wanted” Have you seen the “Help Wanted” signs at businesses in your city? It’s no secret that Covid-19 impacted every business across the globe. We are currently living the aftermath of the virus. As more people get the vaccine, businesses are starting to open up completely and there is a high demand for workers. […]


What Did You Expect to Happen? Get the result you expect in your marketing campaigns

  Simple question, with a not-so-simple answer. We ask this question to our customers and prospects alike, and the answer will surprise you. As manufacturing companies build their marketing plans, they use email marketing drip campaigns, industrial public relations, inbound content marketing, and advertising tactics. Now, you might be thinking the answer is sales, and […]